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If you would like us to refer you to Assurant and have them call you to provide some quotes,
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Why use Assurant?

  • Our team have a strong relationship with Assurant which means we are always there to help you should you need it (buy online and you own the liability and have no one to go to if you have an issue)
  • All of their providers have UK Call Centres and a customer-facing site with a step-by-step process if you do need to make a claim  (If you buy online where are the call centres based? What’s the claims process?)
  • New business and renewal prices are the same (they don’t price walk)
  • They’ve a panel of providers all offering different levels of cover, which allows them to tailor your cover to your wants, needs & price point
  • Most of our their products are bedroom rated, providing peace of mind you are getting blanket cover and not potentially underinsuring yourself
  • All their policies offer trace and access – ‘Trace and access’ reffers to the part of your home insurance policy that covers you for finding the source of a water leak. This cover would give you the confidence to call a plumber to identify the source of a water leak, knowing the work is likely to be insured.
  • They’ve experienced staff that will talk you through what the add ons provide and will help you to make sure you have the right level of cover and are fully protected
  • They don’t do credit checks unlike some Price Comparison sites

The Pitfalls of Price Comparison Websites

If you are looking to purchase your buildings and contents insurance (or just contents insurance if a flat) through a price comparison website, there is no doubt you will find cover at a very low price. However, do you get quality cover for that low, low price?

Often the answer is no. A cheap price will often mean important elements of cover will be reduced, or not present at all. Below are details of some of the more common shortfalls of cheaper cover: –

Accidental Damage Cover

What if you spill coffee on your laptop, or your kids knock your TV off its stand? What if DIY goes wrong? You will be left with no insurance cover in these circumstances if you have not opted for accidental damage cover on your policy

Window and Door Locks

Have you provided accurate details of all the window and door locks on your property? Many insurers require accurate descriptions of locks and if these prove to be incorrect during a theft claim you will have given the insurer a way out of paying your claim. A policy that does not specify these details is safer.

New for Old Cover

If you have this option on your policy the item will be replaced as new with no deduction for wear and tear. How much would you get if your 5-year-old laptop was dropped without this option?

Home Emergency Assistance

Sometimes a claim is very urgent. What if your boiler breaks down, your water pipe bursts or you lose your keys (you need an emergency locksmith)? Home emergency assistance could be a vital policy feature in such circumstances

Trace and Access

Imagine you have a leaking pipe somewhere in the house, but where is it? There will no doubt be damage caused in finding the leak, such as plaster on the walls or floor and ceiling coverings. This policy feature covers the cost of searching for the problem and putting right the damage caused in finding it.

Under Insuring

Cheaper policies often have a lower level of cover, but maybe you feel you can live with this as the chances of a total loss are so low? Not so – If for example you had £20,000 of contents cover but £40,000 of contents, if you had a burglary and £5,000 of contents were stolen, as you were 50% underinsured, the insurer would only likely payout £2,500. Make sure you have an adequate level of cover.

If you would like us to refer you to Assurant and have them call you to provide some quotes,
get in touch with us today on 01932 350 641 or

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